Welcome to Mosinitus. The Mosin Nagant Builders Forum
Welcome to Mosinitus. The Mosin Nagant Builders Forum

This forum is geared toward the 54r shooter who constantly strives for more accuracy. You will never be chastised or banned for your opinions. Whether you like to collect, or modify these rifles, the path is yours.
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 Well, i screwed up a tad

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PostSubject: Well, i screwed up a tad   Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:09 pm

This is either harder than it looks, or changing things around at 4am with a tooth ache is catalyst for error. I wanted to stream line the catagories (erase the couple that were empty), add a sniper build cat, insert General cat into another one as a sub cat, and move some good info around to bring initial list down but ended up deleting more stuff that I should have. If you think anything important was lost, holler. It may actuall be stuck inside another catagory. idk While I look for a 'restore' button, let the shower begin... :shit:
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PostSubject: Re: Well, i screwed up a tad   Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:47 am

Prolly no 'restore' button. Sad backup, backup, backup! Before ever trying to play with code.

Yup, I was wondering where my post from this afternoon went about my shooting range in the back. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough for it. I getting ready to shut down for the night and saw I had replies. Myself? I'll look tomorrow.

So....G'luck !
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Well, i screwed up a tad
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