Welcome to Mosinitus. The Mosin Nagant Builders Forum
Welcome to Mosinitus. The Mosin Nagant Builders Forum

This forum is geared toward the 54r shooter who constantly strives for more accuracy. You will never be chastised or banned for your opinions. Whether you like to collect, or modify these rifles, the path is yours.
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 A viable Mosin-Nagant rechamber?

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PostSubject: A viable Mosin-Nagant rechamber?   Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:20 pm

I can't find the thread now (may not have been on this site), but a while back I saw a thread about rechambering Mosin-Nagant barrels to .303 British -- the consensus being that it wasn't very useful, because the .303 reamer won't "clean up" due to the more forward/steeper shoulder of the 7.62x54R chamber -- you'd have to set the barrel back to avoid having a double shoulder on fire-formed brass.

For those with more money than sense who like this kind of project, I may have spotted a chambering that beats this failing: .309 JDJ. This cartridge has a slightly smaller rim of identical thickness (though it's not heavily tapered like the x54R rim, which might require some attention to the extractor), a head diameter that, given where it was measured, should be only a couple thousandths smaller than that of the x54R, with a steeper, more forward shoulder, but effectively identical neck. Unlike many oddball cartridges, it can be reloaded with slightly shortened .30-06 Improved dies (standard item from Redding, at least), and brass can be made from .444 Marlin (likely requiring a couple steps to size down the neck -- possibly .416 Rigby, .35 Remington, and some 8 mm standard dies as intermediate steps -- and at least one or two annealings).

No, I don't think it's really a huge improvement over the 7.62x54R for a rifle, but some folks just like to have a wildcat and unless the overall cartridge length is a problem (shouldn't be; while the case is .119" longer, the Mosin-Nagant magazine was designed for the long round-nose bullets in use before WWI), this one wouldn't require any other modification to the Mosin-Nagant beyond the chamber and possibly extractor.
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A viable Mosin-Nagant rechamber?
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