Welcome to Mosinitus. The Mosin Nagant Builders Forum
Welcome to Mosinitus. The Mosin Nagant Builders Forum

This forum is geared toward the 54r shooter who constantly strives for more accuracy. You will never be chastised or banned for your opinions. Whether you like to collect, or modify these rifles, the path is yours.
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 Any "touchy areas" to watch for on Mosin build?

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PostSubject: Any "touchy areas" to watch for on Mosin build?   Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:34 am

Greetings all:

New to this forum and after reading, I think I found the right place. I am currently apprenticing at a gunsmithing shop in Texas and have several "projects" I want to build. One of which is a heavy barrel Mosin 91/30. I have nothing in the rifle (a buddy traded it to me for some computer parts) except what and how much I choose to spend...which is going to be pretty cheap. I have a bull barrel already I picked up from Numrich Gun Parts for $50.00. I will be putting some into the trigger (Timney), stock (Boyd's thumbhole blank) and optics, of course (and maching will be free at the shop). After watching several videos, I, of course have some questions...the gunsmith I am studying with is very knowledgeable, but like me, limited on Mosin's and their function and quirks...he does lots of custom builds, but on higher end rifles...so here I go:

1. On heavy barrels, I have noticed several builds that use a bushing between the receiver face and the barrel...why?
2. I have read that the barrel is a booger (to say the least) to get off. Any suggestions on it...we're gonna try making a relief cut at barrel/receiver. We tried the wrench and bushing in the press...nada.
3. Any issues with Timnet triggers?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I will post pictures as they happen.

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PostSubject: Re: Any "touchy areas" to watch for on Mosin build?   Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:45 pm

Hey, Welcome! Thanks for hangin out.

1. When you see someone use that 'bushing' or 'sleeve' on their build, it is most certainly because they are using the imported surplus UK59 machine gun barrels. Those barrels have some different dimensions than the mosin. One of which is the very small shoulder area compared to the mosin. So a sleeve needs to be made to 'add' enough shoulder thickness so the receiver will crush up against it fully. But for you using a different kind of barrel, (without a photo im just guessing) its a non issue.

2. The cut will improve your odds for sure. Throw it in a lathe and use a parting tool to make a nice one. Heating the receiver up red hot also works. Ofcourse, have a knowledgeable gunsmith determine how much heat is safe. Powdered sugar/baking soda etc etc in your barrel vice really helps. Spray penetrating oil inside the bolt hole of the recoil lug underneath the receiver and let it sit overnight.

3. Timney = AWESOME! Its a decent bit of work to inlet the stock to get it in there without binding the safety. But other than that. Ive not had one single trigger issue. Triggers solid, couldnt get it to trip with a drop or blunt impact on gun.

Im very interested to know more about the Numerich barrel?

Best of luck, and thanks for the questions.  ironmike(:
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PostSubject: Re: Any "touchy areas" to watch for on Mosin build?   Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:03 pm

I agree with the Timmy love mine my Mosin trigger had to be 10lbs, this one I had adjusted to 3lbs from the factory.
 its not that light but its smooth I feel it gives me the time when squeezing it to concentrate on being steady and smooth
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PostSubject: Re: Any "touchy areas" to watch for on Mosin build?   

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Any "touchy areas" to watch for on Mosin build?
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